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Log Book Servicing

MH Mechanical are proud to service the Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast area.

Log Book Servicing in Hervey Bay

At MH Mechanical, we handle all of your log book service needs to maintain your car manufacturer’s statutory warranty. Many people believe they need to visit their car dealership to fulfil log book services. However, by law, you can visit any fully qualified service centre to carry out your car service. MH Mechanical is the optimal service centre in Hervey Bay offering excellent customer service and care.

Log Book Servicing Explained

Your car comes with a log book from the manufacturer stating the minimum services required to maintain its warranty. Our mechanics are knowledgeable in log book servicing and know how to service your car exactly as written in your log book. Once the service is complete, we will stamp your log book to verify completion.
MH Mechanical
It’s essential to have a professional carry out your logbook servicing for the following reasons:
  • Manufacturers require you to complete log book services to remain covered under their warranty. If you don’t have your car serviced, the dealership may refuse to cover your car repairs.
  • Log book services help make sure your car is operating safely, saving you time and money on future repairs.
  • Your car will have a higher resale value if it is regularly maintained.
Let us make sure your car is maintained to the highest standard. Contact us at 0474 376 689 for your log book services.